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Phospholipid nanoparticles treating relative (nitric oxide induced) and absolute hypovolemia due to septic or hemorrhagic shock 

VIVACELLE BIO, Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on creating products that utilize our patented phospholipid nanoparticle technology to design products that increase the survivability of critically ill patients. Our phospholipid nanoparticles are very small (7-300mm) particles comprised of naturally occurring phospholipids that form a single-layered wall around an oil droplet called a micelle or a doubled layered wall encircling critical components dissolved in water called a liposome. Combinations of micelles and liposomes of various sizes make up the different phospholipid nanoparticle formulations that we have invented. Our research has revealed that particles of different sizes possess different properties that are beneficial in specific conditions of critical illness. Vivacelle Bio, Inc. has two products that have been cleared by the FDA for phase IIa clinical trials. In both cases the FDA permitted Vivacelle Bio to proceed directly to phase IIa skipping phase I based on the well-established safety of all of the components of each product.  One product, VBI-S, is designed for the treatment of hypovolemia and hypotension of septic shock.

The clinical trial of VBI-S in patients in whom other fluids have failed to elevate their blood pressure is now in progress at multiple hospitals. This trial is supported by a 5.3 million dollar grant from the Naval Medical Research Center. The other product VBI-1 is designed for the treatment of severe blood loss. Vivacelle Bio has a pipeline of additional products at various stages of development applicable to multiple areas of medicine such as but not limited to organ transplantation, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, and reperfusion injury.

New Paradigm in Fluid Resuscitation

Across a platform of 45 patents, we have two cutting-edge products, VBI-S and VBI-1 that can save millions of lives by leveraging the redistribution of nitric oxide to treat septic and hemorrhagic shock with the possibility of reducing reperfusion injury.
VBI-S is the first product in a clinical trial treating an aspect of septic shock to have 100% efficacy in phase IIA results and achieve all of its endpoints in the past 20 years. Our Phase III VBI-S trial is also fully funded. VBI-1 utilizes the same platform technology to treat hemorrhagic shock. VBI-1 cleared to start phase II.

Vivacelle Bio

Recent Feature in The Lancet Journal

Our team is composed of dedicated doctors and business leaders focusing on advancing the field of shock treatments to save the lives of millions.

Meet the Team

Cuthbert Simpkins


CIO, Founder & President

Harven DeShield

PhD, JD, Msc

CEO, Co-Founder

Krishna Talluri


CMO, Co-Founder

Mukesh Kumar

SVP, Regulatory Affairs

What is Hypovolemia?

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