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Legal Notices and Disclaimer

Although we strive to provide accurate information on our website, we cannot guarantee and therefore assume responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the information.  More specifically, the information and materials contained on our website may be out of date or include omissions, inaccuracies or other errors.  We may change or delete the information provided on our website at any time without notice and not be liable in any way for possible consequences of such changes.

Forward Looking Statements

Our website may contain forward-looking statements, including our financial forecasts; projections for our future business and prospects; expected market opportunities; future products and the expected success of those products; and all other non-historical information. Because these forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, there are important factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from the expectations expressed in the forward-looking statements.


These factors include, without limitation, the following: inherent difficulty in predicting consumer behavior; the competitive environment; governmental regulatory approval of our product; businesses or other governmental activities or public policy affecting the progress of attaining regulatory marketing approval; our ability to innovate and adapt to technological change; business interruption or failure of our information technology and communication systems; problems with implementing upgrades to our supporting information technology infrastructure; any failure to properly use and protect personal information and data; our ability to develop, manage and maintain critical third party business relationships; increased government regulation of our businesses; any failure to process transactions effectively or to adequately protect against potential fraudulent activities; any significant product quality problems or delays; the global economic environment; unpredictable nature of our revenue; our inability to attract, retain and develop highly skilled employees; increased risks associated with international operations; our ability to repurchase shares; the issuance of additional shares in an acquisition causing our number of outstanding shares to grow; our inability to adequately protect our intellectual property rights; disruptions, expenses and risks associated with our acquisitions and divestitures; amortization of acquired intangible assets and impairment charges; our use of significant amounts of debt to finance acquisitions or other activities; and the cost of, and potential adverse results in, litigation involving intellectual property, antitrust, shareholder and other matters.

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